Month: March 2020

Phishing Scams – on the rise with Covid19 here’s what to look for

Phishing Scams – on the rise with Covid19 here’s what to look for

Fraudsters have used Covid19 to start a number of phishing attacks, targeting the public to get their personal information.  These range from the government’s new aid schemes to the closing down of your streaming accounts when you need them most.  Here we show a Costco phishing scam to show you how the fraudsters work. This […]

Business interruption claims

In uncertain times, many businesses are shut down, but will their business interruption policy kick in? Business interruption or BI losses are less tangible than direct physical losses. The insured needs to un understand the wording of the policy and how it affects the loss calculation.  Both the nature of the loss and the specifics […]

Corvid19 frauds top 1 million dollars

The ingenuity of fraudsters never ceases to amaze me.  Since the start of the pandemic, the number of frauds related to the Covid19 virus has escalated, with the first Corvid19 related fraud reported in early February.  Losses top the fraud have already exceeded the million-dollar mark and are escalated as fear spreads through the community. […]

Forensic Restitution

  Forensic Restitution is a boutique white-collar crime investigation company specializing in forensic accounting, computer forensics, eDiscovery, data analytics, fraud risk assessments, loss adjusting & claim formulation, cybercrime, crime prevention, Anton Piller investigations and helping clients with financial and commercial investigations. The Toronto-based firm also assists companies to prepare and testify in criminal and civil […]

Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement fraud is big business. The pressure to keep up the appearance that a company is doing well is immense. This type of fraud is unique. Usually, a large number of people are involved, with the benefit of the fraud realized by the participants in gains on the stock exchange, bonuses for meeting targets, […]

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