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About Forensic Restitution

About Forensic Restitution

Forensic Restitution is an established fraud investigation company. We offer a wide range of services including: white collar crime investigations, forensic accounting, cyber fraud, computer forensics, eDiscovery, data analytics, fraud risk assessments, loss adjusting & claim formulation, crime prevention and Anton Piller investigations. In addition to our work as investigators and analysts, we also offer our clients in-depth staff training in detecting and preventing fraud.

Serving across Canada and internationally

We are based in Toronto with an office in Vancouver, and serve clients from across Canada and around the globe. Our clients benefit from our extensive international forensic experience.  Plus, we can provide local support with an international reach.


What brings you here?

If you suspect fraud has already happened within your organization, or want to prevent it from happening we can help.

Fraud investigation can be daunting and overwhelming. You could face a long list of difficult decisions and emotions.

Our team of experts can handle the investigation, prepare claims reports and support your litigation team to make sure you recover as much as possible. We can also help you implement safety measures to prevent you from ever becoming a victim of fraud again.

How our Forensic Restitution investigators can help:

  • Prevent loss of evidence and leverage: Contact us as soon as you suspect fraud has occurred and we’ll give you step-by-step instruction on how to proceed.
  • Recover critical information and evidence. If you’ve already reacted and confronted the situation, our team of computer and accounting forensics experts can help.
  • Quickly handle the situation and with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our investigators have more than 30 years’ experience detecting, prosecuting and preventing fraud.

The most important thing you can do first is contact us!

Why Hire Us

Forensic Restitution has earned an enviable reputation through our proven successes. These include fraud detection and prevention, data analysis and recovery, insurance claims, cybercrime, fidelity guarantee and business interruption claims. We are also leaders in preparing for, and testifying in, criminal and civil actions and disciplinary hearings.

We leverage our vast financial knowledge to review books of accounts to identify the footprints of fraud. Our state-of-the-art computer forensic laboratory allows for the imaging of electronic data (computers, mobile phones, etc.) and the extraction of data for use in disciplinary hearings or criminal procedures.

As an independent company with internal shareholding, we assure our clients of no conflicts of interest.

Partner collaboration

Our close association with legal firms, loss adjustors, private investigators and truth verification and lie detection companies enables us to deliver a holistic approach to all aspects of detection, verification and litigation.

Proven success

  • By identifying an error in a production system, our efforts resulted in a proven $5 million saving per year for our client.
  • We are responsible for successful prosecutions of numerous white-collar crime perpetrators.
  • Our claims formulation procedure resulted in the successful recovery of $1 million for a client who had been defrauded in a salami skimming operation.


Dave is not only the leader in his field in South Africa but has a deserved international reputation with clients and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Dealing with excellence and integrity, I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for any task, both pro-active and reactive.


Simon is a complete package in himself with punctuality ingrained in his character. He is an amazing presenter with the capability of explaining forensic concepts with ease and with attention-grabbing examples that would imprint the concept(s) in anyone's mind. He is open to new ideas and more importantly, pushes people to learn/train themselves for their growth and benefit.


Dave has an impressive combination of forensic technology expertise, investigative skills, experience and business knowledge. He is a very persistent, client-focused investigator who quickly grasps what drives a particular business and the significance of those drives to client engagement.


Dave and I recently worked together on a complex project related to two holdback calculations. His understanding of the transaction and drive to get to the supporting facts were excellent - and successful. I'd certainly work with Dave again!

Dodd Haynes

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