It never ceases to amaze me how callous fraudsters are.  The following are a set of genuine emails sent between a fraudster and a mark (the marks name and email address has been changed) in an advance fee fraud.  The scam started with Julia being advised that she had been awarded a lump sum as payment for having being scammed in the past.  As with all of these scams, before any money could be exchanged, some money for administration fees have to be paid.  The lure of a large payday ensures that people pay the fees.  Unfortunately,  the fees never stop, and the amount is never paid over.

Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors in the attached emails, but these are completely undoctored communication between the parties

The initial payment was not delivered, but the fraudsters found another way to get paid!

From: “Simplii Financial” <>



Sent: Sat., 30 Nov. 2019 at 11:08

Subject: INTERAC e-Transfer: We cannot notify Richie Welbeck  about your money transfer.

Hi Julia Higgens


The $100.00 (CAD) you sent to Richie Welbeck on November 30, 2019 was not delivered because we encountered a problem notifying Richie Welbeck. As a result, your money was not sent to Richie Welbeck.

This is likely due to an invalid email address or mobile phone number, but could also be caused by other delivery issues such as a full inbox, blocking by mail filter/firewall or mail server/ISP problems.

Log into Simplii Financial and update the contact information for Richie Welbeck, or cancel the transfer.

 A new fee in order to get the funds released!

From: “Louis Hardy” <>” <>


Sent: Thu., 12 Dec. 2019 at 10:54

Subject: Re: N

Yes $400

On Thursday, 12 December 2019, Julia Higgens <> wrote:

New  fees

 Julia writing to the fraudsters stating that she is bankrupt and cannot pay the fees.  The fraudsters response is to tell her that the money has been released, and she is so close to the promised payday.

From: “Julia Higgens” <>” <>

Cc: “Richie Welbeck” <>

Sent: Thu., 12 Dec. 2019 at 11:33

Subject: On-going fees

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in regards to the funds that was alotted to me as restitution for being scammed in the past. I want to explain to you that i am a 67 yr old woman on a very limited income. I have been dealing with one

Mr. Richie Welbeck . He has been very personable to me, but each time i reach what i was told was the end of fees required,  another fee is added to the list. This time a further fee of $400 was add. I just finished paying the last one and i have zero dollars to my name…actually i have $10 and change in my account…i do not get anymore funds until the end of December and therefore now i have no money for food and definately no money for Christmas. I am glad that at least my rent was paid so i have a roof over my head keeping me from the harsh eliments of our Canadian winter. I am very discouraged and heart broken because i will no-longer be able to celebrate the Christmas Season with loved ones because lack of funds. I would like to know how do you people get away with asking for ongoing fees without informing people in advance. I am totally devasted and if i had known there was a futher fee i would have stopped and kept the money i sent so i could at least have some kind of Christmas ...It may not seem important to you but my family means everything to me. So i am asking you to please get back to me with some kind of explaination as to why i was not informed ahead of time regarding this new fee.

I want to take this moment to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season. But i also would like you to remember those of us who will be sitting i our one room accomodations alone over the Christmas season because of lack of funds… I am not usually a down in the mouth person but the lack of communication and informed information leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I look forward to hearing from you. I want to take this moment to thank you in advance.  Yours Respectfully

Julia Higgens


The fraudsters response is to state that the funds are ready for transfer, but sorry there is a new fee that has to be paid before the release fo the funds

From: “Richie Welbeck” <>” <>


Sent: Fri., 3 Jan. 2020 at 11:33



From the Desk of,

Mr.Richie Welbeck,

Account officer


            24Hours Online-Banking Service 


Dear Esteem Customer,
MS Julia Higgens.


Greetings to you from Bank funds transfer department 
We are proud to inform you that, the Tax/ Vax has been cleared, the currency has also been converted and the funds is already in our transfer head office process of transferring into your local bank account provided by you.

But we are sorry to inform you that  the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Crusade Agency (United Nations Office USA) has given us a “Stop Transfer Notification“, That the beneficiary of the funds(the account owner which the funds will be transferred into) have to pass through security clearance before the funds can reflect in the provided local bank account. 
they said you must pass through United Nations Anti-Terrorism Clearances before the funds
 can reflect on your account , because the money to be transferred is very huge to avoid money Laundering and terrorism.

Note:the united nation has your details  and email address already for verification to avoid you from terrorism.
we are going to contact you on your current account balance via email immediately we confirmed your payment. please make sure you obey and do what so ever we instruct you because the funds has already be transferred out of this bank and it is in your nation Canada, but on hold by United nation Anti terrorism crusade Agency.


Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Richie Welbeck.  

Account Control Department.” <>” <>


Sent: Sat., 11 Jan. 2020 at 10:35

Subject: Re: Anti Terrorist Certificate

Please talk to Brenda Carroll as i have given her my reply and reasoning.

Thank you. Yours repectfully

Julia Higgens


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


On Sat., 11 Jan. 2020 at 9:28, Louis Hardy

<> wrote:

Dear Julia Higgens,

We want to assure you that the process of your transaction will be complete same time we receive your full payment.

Yours Faithfully,

Louis Hardy

—– Forwarded message —–

From: “Frank Marcus” <>” <>


Sent: Sun., 19 Jan. 2020 at 9:59


Good morning Julia Higgens,

We are happy to announce to you that your funds has been transferred but waiting for your payment to complete before it reflect in your bank account, the Federal Government put an hold on it, they notice that a huge amount is leaving the country to another so it have to be secure.


Due to World Bank law constitution chapter 5/ page 6, stated before any amount above $200,000.00 can leave the country to another it need to be insured for security purpose.


N:B, Mr Richie Welbeck have be a great help to you, he play vital part to make sure your fund is sent to you. trust me on this as soon as you are be able to complete the payment, Regional Head Office will make sure your funds reflect in your bank account.

Your total funds that we are transferring is $3,700,000. and due to this amount the Federal Government/ United Nation Organisation Regional Head Office need your complete payment. the amount is 400CND. here is the in-structure again, get back to us with a valid steam cards of 400CND.

Once again we say congratulation…

Yours Faithfully,
Frank Marcus.


On Sun., 19 Jan. 2020 at 11:35, Brenda Carroll

<> wrote:

Attention: Julia Higgens,

Regards to your email to my office, department of Insurance of the bank require full payment to secure your transaction, i advice you to proceed with the payment effectively for your fund to be received.

Your funds will be adequately insured by an Insurance department after we receive your valid steam cards as proof of payment requested. failure to pay for Anti Terrorism document is a confirmation that you wanted to smuggle the funds into the country which is a federal offense and a gross violation of the  Patriot Act. so that the FBI, IRS and Homeland Security will not come knocking at your door.

Yours Sincerely,

Brenda Carroll.

Hello Louis…please do not threaten me with you legal actions. I have saved the very same message that was identical from yourself…Richie and the other guy…does your company know that you send emails like that clients…mmmm maybe I should send them a copy of the email you sent along with your peers

Please have a great day and do what ever you need to do becsuse you will not get any more money from me.  There is no such thing as a “ANTI-TERRORIST CERTIFACATE”

Have a wonderful day.

Yours Respectfully

Julia Higgens


On Sun., 19 Jan. 2020 at 11:58, Julia Higgens

<> wrote:

Really Brenda …and when I am finished talking to the fraud unit U.N and sharing all the correspondance i have recieved from you Louis and Richie that i was bullied into paying more and more funds

With the promise of payment 100% once the amount was paid…well it happened to me so many times it was eventually laughable. I will not be bulled and threatened into anything by you and your so called coworkers. Do what ever you feel you need to do..i will not be threatened or bullied into pay monies i do not have…I went into debt previouly to pay you and i refuse to do it again..Also paying by steam cards really …if you are the U.N. then one would think they would have a bank account to deposits funds into. So you do what ever you feel you need to do as so will i…Heres hoping you have a nice day.

Yours  Julia Higgens

 Julia realizes that this is a scam, and contacts us.   Unfortunately, there is little we can do to help her, but advise her to contact the Canadian Anti Fraud Hotline on 1 888 495 8501

From: “Julia Higgens” <>” <>


Sent: Mon., 20 Jan. 2020 at 1:51

Subject: Suspected Fraud

Dear Sir

My name is Julia Higgens and i live in Thornton Ontario. I have had contact with persons who reportly are employed by the United Nations to make monitary resitution for persons who have been victims of Scammers. They first contacted me back in 2018 and reported the i was one of the persons on the list to receive a amount of money for restitution in the amount of 3.7 USD. They also reported that before i could attain such funds there had be a fee paid first. At that time in told them i was not interested because i was not convinced this was actually true. Then approx 1 yr later the contacted me again stating the money was still on hold and they were just awaiting the payment so they could transfer the funds into my account.  To make a long story short i finally gave in and paid the said fee. They then came back to me saying i had to pay an extra fee because of the duration the waited to receive the funds from me. Well everytime i paid the fee another fee would be added . They would say:- once this fee is paid and confirmed we promise you 100% that the funds will be immediately released into your account. Well this went on a few times and after paying thousands of dollars i told them i was not paying them as i felt i was a victim of fraud. I told them i would not pay another cent. The head supervisor contacted me and was very threatening towards me saying if i did not pay $800 for a Anti-Terrorist Certificate that i could be arrested for using the money for illegal use. I wrote her back and said to do what ever she felt was best and how could i use monies i have not recieved to do unthinkable things. I do have many correspondence from them stating that after a certain payment was made the money would be 100% immediately transfered. These people are in the United States and claim they are the United Nation. I am not sure how you people work or even if you could give me other contacts, i would greatly appreciate that. I am tired of being threatened and bullied. I am a 67 soon to be 68 yr. old woman on a fixed income and i have even borrowed money in the past to pay these people. Please help me as i am at a loss ..i was going to contact the U.N. In New York but when i came across your ad on the internet i decided to contact you first. I hope i have explain things clear enough so you can grasp the situation i am facing. I want to take this moment to thank you in advance . I may not qualify for your services but it just feels good to finally share this mind blowing situation with someone else.

Yours Respectfully

Julia Higgens

The fraudsters, after failing to get payment, continue to try and win the trust of Julia

From: “Louis Hardy” <>” <>


Sent: Mon., 25 May 2020 at 1:15


Dear Julia Higgens, I just confirmed from the our Board Of Director’s that you are dealing with our Head Office directly so please just go ahead with their directories.