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Internal auditors cant’ match fraud experts

Does your company have a crisis plan that be put into action quickly if internal fraud is suspected? Having a checklist of what you’re going to do if you discover fraud – or get notified by a whistleblower – is necessary. External auditors only locate about four to five per cent of frauds and about […]

Law Changes Impact Bribery

There are serious risks for Canadian businesses that pay bribes abroad, especially with the recent changes to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials act. Amendments were made to the law, particularly the exception built in allowing “grease payments”. Big businesses that are caught will have significant ramifications, such as long-term bans from working on government […]

Saving the Evidence is Key in Suspected Fraud Cases

If your organization has a strategy in place to deal with suspected fraud, you’re ahead of the game over those that suddenly come face to face with it. Preserving evidence is key, though this can be a challenge without a proper strategy. Companies also have to decide what to do with the suspect(s) involved during […]

Prosecuting internal fraud

Would it surprise you to think that prosecuting workplace fraud is actually one of the best ways to discourage it? We were able to uncover a theft of $450,000 for an insurance company. The account director had come across something that didn’t seem right, which he discovered during the company’s fiscal year-end. He’d decided to […]

Profiling a Fraudster: employer tips

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) says only an estimated four per cent of fraud committed against a company is ever discovered by external auditors. There are many ways that employers and companies can guard against this crime – including keeping a close eye out for certain signs. Perpetrators are often white-collar criminals with […]

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