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Employee fraud: think before you fire

Fraud can happen in any company. Once it’s discovered the one thing not to do right away is to fire the suspected employee. Even though the first instinct would be to terminate the worker right away (whether with or without cause) or to pay them to leave can actually be counter-intuitive and you’d be better […]

Unearthing false claims of sexual harassment

False claims of sexual harassment seemed like an easy case, until we discovered information that the employer hadn’t been able to find. The case involved a woman’s claim of being sexually harassed in the workplace; she brought her complaint to human resources about a male coworker sending her lewd emails. She gave the HR department […]

Fraud’s most commonly found by whistleblowers

The top three categories of corporate fraud involve asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud and corruption. Financial statement fraud involves misstating the value of a company’s property, such as adding expenses or inflating a firm’s worth, and asset misappropriation involves theft of materials, money and ideas. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) released a report […]

Internal auditors cant’ match fraud experts

Does your company have a crisis plan that be put into action quickly if internal fraud is suspected? Having a checklist of what you’re going to do if you discover fraud – or get notified by a whistleblower – is necessary. External auditors only locate about four to five per cent of frauds and about […]

Law Changes Impact Bribery

There are serious risks for Canadian businesses that pay bribes abroad, especially with the recent changes to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials act. Amendments were made to the law, particularly the exception built in allowing “grease payments”. Big businesses that are caught will have significant ramifications, such as long-term bans from working on government […]

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