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Keep your guard up: fraudsters operate year-round

While Fraud Prevention Month has drawn to a close, it’s important to remember that fraud prevention continues year round. Few areas of life are untouched by fraud. Romance, health, employment, tax payments, online shopping, loans, and tech support are just a few examples of areas where fraudsters like to focus their efforts, targeting youngsters, retirees […]

Vigilance for healthcare fraud

Be Vigilant: Healthcare Fraud Can Be Avoided

Healthcare insurance fraud is commonplace in Canada but there are ways employers and insurance companies can halt the financial impact. Perhaps the best way is through data analytics to see who the fraudulent ones are versus those who aren’t. It’s easy to commit, for instance the Toronto Transit Commission was involved in a healthcare fraud […]

Nosing Out Fraud

30 Years of Forensic Accounting Detecting fraud in the business world is something Dave Oswald has been doing for close to 30 years now, both here in Canada and across the globe. Before becoming a chartered accountant, he found three major frauds in three years while apprenticing with an external auditor in South Africa in […]

Forensic Restitution - Summary of Changes to the CFPOA

Changes to the CFPOA

Why it’s important to keep accurate books and records Canada’s signature legislation regulating offshore bribery and corruption, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (the “Act” or “CFPOA”), has come a long way since its introduction on February 14, 2009. The current iteration of the Act now also includes key provisions such as Section 4 […]

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