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Prosecuting internal fraud

Would it surprise you to think that prosecuting workplace fraud is actually one of the best ways to discourage it? We were able to uncover a theft of $450,000 for an insurance company….

Profiling a Fraudster: employer tips

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) says only an estimated four per cent of fraud committed against a company is ever discovered by external auditors. There are many ways that employers and…

Tips for avoiding real estate fraud

As housing prices climb in many markets across the country, real estate fraud can become a much more enticing prospect for scammers. While it’s one of the lesser-known kinds of fraud in Canada,…

Nosing Out Fraud

30 Years of Forensic Accounting Detecting fraud in the business world is something Dave Oswald has been doing for close to 30 years now, both here in Canada and across the globe. Before…