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Business interruption claims

In uncertain times, many businesses are shut down, but will their business interruption policy kick in? Business interruption or BI losses are less tangible than direct physical losses. The insured needs to un understand the wording of the policy and how it affects the loss calculation.  Both the nature of the loss and the specifics […]

Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement fraud is big business. The pressure to keep up the appearance that a company is doing well is immense. This type of fraud is unique. Usually, a large number of people are involved, with the benefit of the fraud realized by the participants in gains on the stock exchange, bonuses for meeting targets, […]

Fake IDs used in $8-million scam

Fake IDs used in $8-million scam

 Modern technology is great, however it’s an unwilling partner in many a fraudster’s toolkit. False identification can be created quickly for use in various fraudulent schemes. The equipment required is fairly basic: just a little plastic card printer and photo-editing software. It’s scary that these realistic ID cards can pass scrutiny. CTV recently broke a story […]

Cyber Fraud

Cyber fraud is one of the fastest growing frauds around the globe. We recognize the importance of ensuring your business is set up to diminish the chance of losses occurring due to cyber fraud. We have partnered with specialists in this field who offer cyber fraud services from assessment and education to prevention. For more information contact […]


eDiscovery refers to the hosting, searching and production of relevant records in legal proceedings such as litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests, where the information sought is in electronic format. Electronic discovery is subject to rules of civil procedure and agreed-upon processes, often involving review for privilege and relevance before data are turned over to the requesting party.

Anton Piller Investigation

“Anton Piller” type orders are ex parte orders for the preservation of documents, where there is a likelihood that the documents will be destroyed were the investigation to be declared. Our team of professionals have helped in drafting the application of these orders and have assisted the ISS in the execution of the order.

ABC Crime Prevention

The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act in Canada makes it an offence to bribe a public official. Over the years this has been strengthened with companies prosecuted for breaching the act. Companies are now required to ensure good protocols and best practice mandates in this area. FR can help you ensure your business is […]

Loss Adjusting & Claim Formulation

Whether an organization has encountered losses arising from theft and misappropriation of funds, or computer and software, financial and stock, or break-in losses, our skilled staff can provide professional assistance in every aspect of loss adjusting. We also manage claims relating to property damage, business interruption, fidelity guarantee, goods in transit/inland marine and monetary claims. […]

Fraud Management & Prevention

Internal controls within companies can be compromised, often resulting in losses caused by inefficiencies or fraud. We offer internal auditing, account reconstruction, forensic audits and full forensic accounting investigation to uncover and quantify losses. In addition it is vital that all companies have a fraud plan in place prior to the discovery of a fraud. In line […]

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about the acquired information. It is used in investigations to find potential footprints of fraud or data error. Specializing in the creation of custom models and analyses, the FR team works to identify, expose and demonstrate relationships, trends and patterns within […]

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