Forensic Restitution is a full-service forensic company that offers a wide variety of services that may be beneficial to your firm.

We specialize in white-collar crime investigations, forensic accounting, computer forensics, e-Discovery, data analytics, fraud risk assessments, loss adjusting & claim formulation.

We also offer Forensic Accounting services to support Divorce litigation, tracing of spousal assets, review of bank statements and review of financial records.

These include experienced investigators who can research every facet of companies, individuals and businesspeople, forensic accountants who are skilled at investigate fraud or other suspicious activities, as well as conducting digital forensics and being experts at tracing funds.

Our team is adept at supporting law firms engaged in litigation, including class actions, finding defendants and witnesses and helping to assess assets.  We have assisted in the execution of “Anton Piller” type orders

If you would like further information (using Zoom or another such platform) to explain our competitive pricing and service offering, please visit our website for more details, and to set up an

We have a team of very experienced individuals, including those who have previously worked for the “ BIG 4 “ accounting firms in senior positions. Below are the bios of our team, along with their skill sets.

Best Regards,

Dave Oswald
Managing Director
Forensic Restitution


Dave Oswald – an experienced forensic accountant, CPA, CA, CFI and CFE. His global, multi-national experience spans over 20 years, having led investigations in high-level C-Suite executive cases. Dave worked for the “big four” accounting firms in both Canada and South Africa. Dave has extensive experience in data preservation and review, computer forensics, data analytics and general fraud cases. He is the founder of Forensic Restitution, an Oakville, ON-based forensic accounting firm.

Sachin Maharaj – a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) currently with Forensic Restitution. Sachin has extensive experience within various senior management roles in all facets of fraud and credit management. Sachin has his B.Com and LLB degrees.

Claire Pater – founder of Forensic Parity, which offers digital forensics, incident response, e-discovery, and security advisory services. Claire can investigate acts of intellectual property theft, espionage, fraud, forgery and inappropriate use of assets. Claire has worked for the “big four” accounting firms as a manager in both computer forensics and data analytics. She has MSc (Distinct.) in Computer Security and Forensics.  Claire has recently completed a course in vehicle forensics.

Simon Padgett – Simon is the head of Forensic Restitution’s Vancouver branch.  He is a qualified ACCA (UK) Accountant with a Canadian CPA and a qualified CFE with experience in Forensic Accounting and Investigations, Anti-Fraud Programs, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Corporate Governance, with an MBA from Oxford in the UK. Simon is a businessman and entrepreneur who identifies new markets, assesses problems and inefficiencies within those markets, and develop business models and plans to resolve these issues.  Simon has published books on fraud and has provided forensic training internationally.

Tamara Kido – BSc is an analyst and investigator with Forensic Restitution. Tamara’s exceptional eye for detail and ability to link seemingly disparate items is critical in finding the “needle in the haystack”.

Bruce Livesey – a veteran investigator with a long history as an investigative journalist specializing in corporate crime. He worked for, or in collaboration with, the CBC, NPR, the New York Times, PBS Frontline, the Guardian, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Canadian Business, Toronto Star, and the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, among others. Bruce is author of a best-selling book on investment fraud, Thieves of Bay Street, and has conducted investigations of companies and executives in Canada and abroad for business intelligence, investment and law firms. He is also a licensed private investigator. Bruce is managing director of i20 Research Inc., a Toronto, ON-based business intelligence and due diligence company.

Lloyd G. Larson – a former police detective who worked at a major Ontario police department for 30 years. He now works as a private investigator and specializes in offshore corporate frauds, theft and money laundering. Lloyd has a Canadian Police College accreditation in forensic interviewing and interrogation techniques. He has excellent connections with law enforcement and government agencies across North America and the Caribbean.

Shannon Kari – an experienced investigator with a background as an investigative reporter who has worked for major media outlets, including The Globe and Mail, National Post and CBC. In 2010, he was a finalist for the Michener Award for public service journalism for uncovering secret and illegal background checks of potential jurors by police services. Shannon has extensive experience with court and regulatory proceedings, as well as complex litigation and in using courts, database and other open-source information to uncover data.