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Fraud Management & Prevention

Many organizations are vulnerable to fraud because they do not implement a system of adequate internal controls.

Furthermore, the culture of many organizations is developed around the concept of “trust”. Consequently, placing trusted employees in positions without proper internal controls provides easy opportunities for committing fraud, resulting in financial losses and reputational damage.

We can help you to review your existing controls, identify any existing gaps and provide recommendations.
In addition to the above, our team has vast experience with the conducting of fraud risk assessments, which includes the identification of risk areas, and recommendations to mitigate those risks. The conducting of a fraud risk assessment should be an important investment to safeguard the future of an organization, minimize future losses by identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, improve current controls whilst addressing concerns related to employee perceptions.

Assess Your Risk

Are you protected? You Need Fred.

Don’t wait for fraud to find you. Be proactive and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Our FRAUD RISK & ETHICS DIAGNOSTIC is a questionnaire-based study tailored to your organization, aimed at discovering vulnerabilities, allowing you to put strategic preventative measures in place.


Dave is not only the leader in his field in South Africa but has a deserved international reputation with clients and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Dealing with excellence and integrity, I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for any task, both pro-active and reactive.


Simon is a complete package in himself with punctuality ingrained in his character. He is an amazing presenter with the capability of explaining forensic concepts with ease and with attention-grabbing examples that would imprint the concept(s) in anyone's mind. He is open to new ideas and more importantly, pushes people to learn/train themselves for their growth and benefit.


Dave has an impressive combination of forensic technology expertise, investigative skills, experience and business knowledge. He is a very persistent, client-focused investigator who quickly grasps what drives a particular business and the significance of those drives to client engagement.


Dave and I recently worked together on a complex project related to two holdback calculations. His understanding of the transaction and drive to get to the supporting facts were excellent - and successful. I'd certainly work with Dave again!

Dodd Haynes

Forensic Restitution | ACFI
Forensic Restitution | CPA Ontario
Forensic Restitution | ACCA