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Tone at the top is vital in any organization, but training follows in a very close second.  Empower your employees with training in how to identify fraud, or how to act ethically in all business dealings.

Behind on training this year? Do employees and teams need to make up CPD?

Forensic Restitutions Specialists have decades of experience in all matters of Forensic Accounting and Investigations. We have collectively conducted Fraud and Corruption and related Accounting and Auditing training events and conference presentations in over 40 countries, transferring huge amounts of knowledge, experience and benchmarking and have been involved in training trainers and accountants through the accountancy bodies who accredit our training in terms of Continued Professional Development/Education Credits.

Our Training and Consulting in Fraud and Corruption Investigations, Fraud Risk Management, Internal Auditing, Internal Controls, Governance and Business Turnaround is focused on assisting your organization in minimizing your risk and exposure to fraud.  In our informative yet extremely interesting seminars, we take audiences through the underworld of fraud and corruption with stunning real-life stories and secrets harboured by some of the sneakiest fraudsters ever.

We truly believe that knowledge is of no use unless it is shared.

Let us tailor a fraud training event or webinar offering of half a day, one day or up to a week for your key financial teams, satisfying CPD requirements collectively at one time.

Select from the below topics to make your own 1 day, 3 or 5-day Fraud and Corruption Training Event.

Some suggested training sessions might include the following:

  • Ethics Training
  • Current Fraud Trends
  • Fraud Prevention Programs
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Profiling the Fraudster
  • Fraud and Corruption Investigations
  • Procurement, Cheque and Credit Card Fraud
  • Handwriting and Document Analysis
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investigations
  • Fraud Hotlines
  • Evidence and Testifying as an Expert Witness
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • AML and the Financial Action Task Force
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Some of the World’s Worst Corruption Cases
  • The Importance of Data Analysis in Fraud Detection
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cybercrime
  • Financial Institution and Consumer Fraud
  • Integrating Fraud Control into your Internal Control Strategy
  • Management’s and Auditors’ Responsibilities for Fraud
  • The Role of Internal Audit in Managing Fraud
  • Let’s learn from Some World-Wide Recent Fraud Scandals

Presentations have been made at various conferences including the ACFE, ACFI, IIA, Chartered accounting bodies as well as numerous smaller conferences.  We have also provided in-house training for numerous companies

All sessions are tailored to your business processes and specific risks.

Feel free to call or email either:

  • Dave Oswald – 416 525 1510 – or
  • Simon Padgett – 604 396 4770 –

to discuss your training needs further.

Assess Your Risk

Are you protected? You Need Fred.

Don’t wait for fraud to find you. Be proactive and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Our FRAUD RISK & ETHICS DIAGNOSTIC is a questionnaire-based study tailored to your organization, aimed at discovering vulnerabilities, allowing you to put strategic preventative measures in place.


Dave is not only the leader in his field in South Africa but has a deserved international reputation with clients and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Dealing with excellence and integrity, I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for any task, both pro-active and reactive.


Simon is a complete package in himself with punctuality ingrained in his character. He is an amazing presenter with the capability of explaining forensic concepts with ease and with attention-grabbing examples that would imprint the concept(s) in anyone's mind. He is open to new ideas and more importantly, pushes people to learn/train themselves for their growth and benefit.


Dave has an impressive combination of forensic technology expertise, investigative skills, experience and business knowledge. He is a very persistent, client-focused investigator who quickly grasps what drives a particular business and the significance of those drives to client engagement.


Dave and I recently worked together on a complex project related to two holdback calculations. His understanding of the transaction and drive to get to the supporting facts were excellent - and successful. I'd certainly work with Dave again!

Dodd Haynes

Forensic Restitution | ACFI
Forensic Restitution | CPA Ontario
Forensic Restitution | ACCA