With electricity supply restored Brad Sadler will join us and tell his fascinating experiences of committing white-collar crime

Brad Sadler – a convicted fraudster has become the unwitting toast of the conference lecture circuit. He entered the conference circuit after a friend, a forensic auditor, suggested he speak at an annual fraud conference. Now he “educates” groups as diverse as public service students, youth groups and blue-chip multi-nationals. “People need to realize that controls and procedures are there to protect them; controls will keep them out of prison,’’ he said. “And they must understand there are very real consequences to their actions.”

Former high-flying banker Brad Sadler, sentenced to four years behind bars for fraud and corruption totalling a whopping $5 million, tells people on the outside, including corporate employees and their wide-eyed bosses, why he spent time on the inside.

The former blue-eyed boy at NBS Bank, who served time in prison before being paroled in 2001, speaks to companies and at conferences warning staff of the consequences of fraud, imploring decision-makers not to ignore it and helping embattled forensics auditors to detect it.

Listen to our podcast for a talk with Brad Sadler, a convicted fraudster, who will tell his remarkable story about his journey from a board room to a prison cell. Brad was convicted to 4 years in jail for his part in a multimillion-dollar fraud.