Can you spot a fraudster in your company? Like most, your answer may be no. Join Forensic Restitution on July 16 at 1pm for this week’s topic on Profiling Fraudsters and learn from the experts about this valuable tool in your Fraud-fighting Toolkit.Profiling the fraudster

In this 30-minute open discussion led by Simon Padgett, Forensic expert and author of ‘Profiling the Fraudster: Removing the Mask to Prevent and Detect Fraud’, you will hear insights on:

1) Fraud profiling and high fraud risk areas in your organization

2) Characteristics of a Fraudster and a Victim Organisation

3) The role of HR in profiling and keeping fraud out

4) Cyber-crime and the ‘invisible’ fraudster.

5) Conclusion and Q&A

Who should attend:

Anyone who has a role to play in keeping fraud out of your organization, including Finance, HR, Risk Managers.