Each year thousands of Canadians lose millions of dollars to fraudulent scams. Nobody is immune; it can happen to young people, teenagers, and corporate executives. Did you know that only 5 per cent of fraud is reported to the authorities each year?

If you’ve become a victim of fraud, report it to the authorities regardless of the amount. Reporting it builds awareness and helps others avoid having it happen to them.

Protecting your personal information is the key to avoiding fraud. If you see a suspicious or unusual transaction on one of your accounts:

Change your PIN immediately and report the fraud to your financial institution and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

When contacting your financial institution, use the telephone number on your account statement or on the back of your credit/debit card.

Financial scams often involve sales offers or promotions about financial products and services (pensions, managed investment funds, financial advice, insurance, or credit or deposit accounts).

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