Expert Witness Report: A Detailed Analysis of Income for Support - Galea v Galea

By Dave Oswald

In a pivotal family law case, the Applicant seeks to reduce his temporary child and spousal support payments to his child's mother, the Respondent, originally ordered on April 13, 2021.

The couple, who married in 1996 and separated in 2015, have three children, with their youngest, 15-year-old Chase Galea, requiring extensive care due to cerebral palsy and severe hearing loss. This case involves complex financial assessments to determine the appropriate level of support. Both parties have submitted multiple expert reports to establish the Applicant's income.

Key among these is a report by David M. Oswald, a Chartered Professional Accountant, who provided an in-depth analysis of the Applicant’s income based on recent bank statements.

This article introduces Oswald's comprehensive report, which plays a crucial role in understanding the financial dynamics at play and the court’s decision-making process.

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