Expert Business Valuators and Advisors for Legal and Financial Matters

We are the specialists you can rely on for independent business valuation and advisory services. Our areas of expertise include litigation support, tax and estate planning, as well as M&A and business restructuring.


We provide our services to a variety of clients, including legal professionals, public and private businesses, and individuals. Our services are particularly useful for resolving disputes related to matrimonial issues, shareholder conflicts, and for navigating complex transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures.

In addition, we offer expertise in income tax and estate planning, as well as in navigating public/private transactions and insurance matters. Our team of professionals at Forensic Restitution are widely recognized as experts in business valuations by the Superior Court of Ontario and the Quebec Superior Court.

Top 5 Considerations for a Comprehensive Business Valuation

  1. Financial performance and projections
  2. Market conditions and competition
  3. Tangible and intangible assets
  4. Management and personnel
  5. Industry trends and regulatory environment

Expert Business Valuation Services: Contact Us for Accurate Insights and Informed Decisions

Need a business valuation? Contact us for expert guidance on how to accurately determine the economic value of your company. Our experienced professionals can provide you with clear and comprehensive insights that can help you make informed decisions in legal and financial matters. We are here to help, so reach out to us today.

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